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The gr is certainly all that's needed for any deer-sized game, with the s giving a bit better SD for game larger than CXP2. The gr. All that being said, I use both the and gr loads for deer sized game and simply use whichever sights in better or what I've chosen for a particular hunt.

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You idea of using s for everything sounds Ok to me, not a thing wrong with that thinking. I use grainers for all my biggame hunts. Had used 's for a bit on elk, but found that they weren't any more affective than the 's, even on bull elk.

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Good all around bullet and I don't have to be re-zeroing my scope from switching bullets. We reload gr Accubonds with great results.

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Typically shoot out to yds, one shot kills. Normal year, we shoot deer between us. Accubonds tend to inflick more internal damage than other bullets we tried. Have fun shooting. I do agree that the is a good round and I wasnt arguing that point whatsoever I just seem to like my grain super x power points through the ole savage. However I just ran into a problem this morning right after I posted this topic. I have been shooting everyday now for about a month and a half getting all tuned up for hunting season. I have to eat my own words.

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A lot of times you will find "your" rifle will shoot certain ammo better than others, especially if you buy factory ammo. We reload all our ammo so we can fine tune it to our rifle. I hope you kept one of the old gr boxes My dad always liked gr for deer, and 's for elk hornady's. My son prefer's gr roundnose all around hornady or nosler.

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My buddy likes 's nosler for deer and 's for elk. This uses Crystal Head Vodka, which is made in Newfoundland. Method: into an iconic copper mug or glass of your choice squeeze the juice of half a lime and add vodka. Top with ice and ginger beer and garnish with a lime. Demand is now exceeding production, so they are expanding 18 acres. If you enjoyed this light read, consider subscribing to Boozeletter by entering your email in the form below. And if something caught your eye here, it would also be pretty cool if you shared this with a friend.

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