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Editorial Reviews. Review. " solid writing and characterization " --ABNA Publisher's Weekly Book 1 of 2 in Valley of the Sleeping Birds (2 Book Series) .
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Comics And General Novels. The virus left a gap-toothed, slobbering bite-mark on everything: the land, the survivors, the cities full of ghost-sickness and abandoned for three centuries. A young priest living in an enclave of still-functioning machinery is forced to leave when the girl he loves is afflicted with an unknown and deadly illness.

A shard of humanity thrives in the remains of an old research facility high in the Colorado mountains. Like the brutish tribes outside the sheltered valley, the high priest marks the young villagers during a coming-of-age ceremony. But unlike those tribes, the scars beneath each villager's arm hides forgotten technology from the past. The true nature of the drugged ceremonies and founding ancestors is fantastical myth to most "citizens," who spend their days hunting outside the valley or farming corn and hemp.

One of the hunters, a tough and resourceful teenage girl nicknamed Badger, falls unconscious with momentary, uncontrollable seizures. Wilson, a bookish apprentice priest, searches the library and the old databases for a cause to the mysterious illness. Together he and Badger crawl through abandoned tunnels deep within the mountain. When the secrets of the past begin to unravel the young lovers must fight through hostile tribes and wild predators to the radiation-filled remains of Colorado Springs.

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Muck stays at the farm with Travis, but she gets scared of the dark and the scary noises Spud is making and goes missing. When investigating the sound of an owl, Pilchard also goes missing and the same thing happens with Spud.

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The machines need to find Muck, Pilchard and Spud before they get lost. Travis is delivering a load of gravel, while Scoop helps. However, Spud unhooks the trailer to give Travis a rest and it rolls away. Roley gets excited when Bob builds a pond in his favorite rock star's garden. Bob and Scoop discover some old bones in a ditch at Farmer Pickles' field. While Bob is out at the museum, Spud persuades Scoop to see some bigger bones that he found.

Ellis thinks that a stegosaurus skeleton was found, but some of its bones are missing. While some tires are being dropped off for Farmer Pickles, Scoop starts sneezing, which prompts Bob he has hay fever. He sends Scoop back to the yard, but he still sneezes. Bob lets Spud figure out what is causing Scoop to sneeze. Bob discovers a porcupine asleep in Farmer Pickles' cottage and Scoop takes it back to the yard, while Roley looks after it. But when Farmer Pickles arrives to see Wendy, Scruffty jumps out of Travis' trailer and he and Pilchard chase each other which makes Roley worried that it might wake the porcupine.

James Henry. Bob and Wendy are working on painting Farmer Pickles' farmhouse with Dizzy guarding the wet cement. But when Spud tries to paint it, he makes a big mess. Simon Jowett and Ben Randall. Bob and the gang are building a crazy golf course.

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Wendy discovers that she has the instructions for the windmill, that Bob is preparing, yet when she phones him, he says he doesn't need them. A rainwater tank is being put up next to Farmer Pickles' barn. While Bob is not around, Spud makes Lofty lift the tank into place. But instead of landing properly, it rolls down a hill and smashes a wooden boat for Wendy's nephew.

Bob's gang are preparing Farmer Pickles' bandstand. But then the sheet music falls out of Travis' trailer and Spud starts making paper airplanes with it. Farmer Pickles is phoning Bob to build a doghouse for Scruffty, but he accidentally drops the phone. At the same time, Mrs. Percival phones Farmer Pickles to look after the guinea pigs over the school holiday. After Wendy answers the message, she sends the phone off with Scoop, but then he passes it onto Spud and Travis until Farmer Pickles is puzzled to hear about the arrival of some unordered "mini-pigs" and, has no pigpen.

Percival is raising money for a new clubhouse. Bob sponsors it with a Runathon and the machines sponsor it by demolishing the old pavilion. Bob's personal organizer which gives details of all of his jobs breaks down. He tries to remind himself by tying knots in his handkerchief, but gets them mixed up. A time capsule is being built for Mr.

Ellis and will be buried outside the museum. However, Spud thinks it is a treasure chest and he empties the contents of it and almost buries it.

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Wendy is on her day off doing some watercolor painting, but Scruffty buries her phone. Bob, Wendy and the Machines are going to Mrs. Broadbent's House that has a big hole in the wall, but Scrufty gets stuck in the rabbit hole, who gets out with the help of Lofty. Bentley inspects a pipe but he gets soaked. Spud tries to take over, but he has no qualifications. Farmer Pickles' hen has abandoned her eggs, so Bob is building a hen coop. Spud decides to look after the chicks. Wendy is inviting the whole town for a barbecue party for her sister, Jenny.

But the machines have just laid a garden path and they are too tired to come. Using an old ironing board, Spud makes a skateboard and rides it all over town. Spud Bob has just put up some traffic calming measures. His skateboard was finally lost and broken. Muck and Dizzy are clearing a blocked drain. Muck gets spooked by gurgling noises and she is convinced it is a monster.

Percival is preparing costumes for the school play. Spud borrows the dragon costume and pretends to be a magic dragon when he sees Muck. Scoop notices that Farmer Pickles has entered Scruffty into the dog show, which determines him to also enter Pilchard, even though she is a cat. Bob's gang are making a bird hide at the nature reserve and also want to get a glimpse of the rare Grebe Warbler. But Spud appears instead dressed like a bird. Auntie Dora is coming to visit and she is a stickler for tidiness.

Already the yard is in a complete mess and the machines try to clean it up, but they only make it worse. Scoop and Wendy try to clear the roads, but they bumped into the porcupine crossing. Spud tries to skate on the frozen duck pond, but the ice is not thick enough. Dizzy sends Bob and Lofty out to rescue him. Roley almost crushes Bob's toolbox. This causes anxiety from him to think he is always clumsy.

This always makes him more accident-prone. It is winter in the town. Bob wears a big parka to look like an Alaskan Eskimo. Wendy's sister, Jenny, visits after a ski trip. Bob starts doing a pizza delivery service. Bob buys a metal detector to try to look for treasure. Beasley has a huge disaster. Wendy starts operating a removal service. Lofty discovers a small family of rabbits. Lofty gets frightened by a giant carrot, even though it won't get him. The town is practicing for an egg and spoon race.

Spud has problems trying to keep the egg on the spoon, so he cheats by using some of Bob's putty. Bob is placing red tiles on a roof, but then a mix-up at JJ's yard causes Wendy to put green tiles on the other side of the roof. Sabatini gets a new soccer ball, but he accidentally kicks it through his shop window. Bird is trapped and Roley has to rescue him. Muck is to deliver bricks to Mrs.

Potts' garden to have the bricks as the base for her pottery duck until Spud challenges him to throw bricks in the pond to make the big splash. Julie Jones. After Spud sees a poster for the school play, he thinks he would like to be a musketeer. He decides to use a fence post as a sword, but when he does, all the sheep escape. It's Wendy's birthday, but she does not want any fuss. Bob organizes a magic birthday show for her instead. Beasley makes some new friends. JJ loses his remote control airplane. Spud finds it and becomes a pilot. Molly sees a family of otters.

Trix decides to watch them also, but then they see a big shiny machine. Muck devises a good way to watch them. Skip moves too fast and he causes trouble for the gang. He races and speeds around some parts of town. Ellis' new exhibition gets ruined. Everything has to be done before something gets worse.

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Farmer Pickles needs a fence built to keep the rabbits off his cabbages. But this also blocks the badgers' path to the stream. Bob's gang is building an exercise park which Mr. Dixon's brother, David Dixon, will open. Bob and Spud think they are no good at soccer. Phil Walker. Dizzy goes out camping. Pilchard meets some tiny creatures and decides to treat them like pets.

Scoop wants to enter the snowman competition, but he needs to fix a burst pipe outside Mr. Sabatini's house. The noses for the snowmen start disappearing. Bob is building a through-lounge for Mr.

Lofty carries the long metal girder. Dizzy and Trix decide to have a race and in the process the girder damages the sides of the bridge. Hamish gets a new home. Dizzy helps Farmer Pickles by trying to act like a sheepdog. Bob takes some pictures of the town. Bentley accidentally breaks one of Mr. Bentley's toy trains which she thinks are special to him. Wendy goes out for a night on the town.

Muck suddenly goes in a racing mood. Beasley mistakes the noise of his old pipes for a mole stuck under his floorboards which gives him anxiety. Lofty imagines what it would be like to be in the jungle. Bob gets some secret dance lessons from Mrs. Percival, but he realises that he can't dance the salsa until an outdoor dancefloor is built.

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Molly hosts a fashion show, but it then goes wrong. Spud gets some trouble with doves. Molly takes a first-aid job at wanting to be a doctor. Bentley is dog sitting, but the dog escapes. Travis starts having a lucky day. Scruffty is guarding duty, but he soon gets distracted. Bob takes care of Farmer Pickles' farm while he goes to a county fair. Wendy decorates the library, and Lofty is so impressed that he decides to paint a picture as well - but he soon finds that being an artist is harder than it looks.

Spud breaks Molly's statue, so he tries to make a new one out of Bob's building materials only to leave Bob without the wood to fix the pavilion. Pilchard causes havoc on a job to mend a rotten beam in a cottage when she finds some mice living there. Trix tries to help Bob build a climbing frame while she also is looking after Farmer Pickles' giant pumpkin pie.

Bob and the team are repairing an eroded river bank in the countryside when Muck tries to bring a lost duck she named Quack back to his family. Lofty and Travis pull down a damaged tree, only to find that they have made a family of squirrels homeless! Travis is devastated, but suddenly he has an idea which Bob could use the old tree to build a new home for the squirrels. Bob's gang builds a summer house as an anniversary present for Mrs.

Bentley, but Muck nearly ruins the surprise. Skip wishes he could come up with good ideas, while Bob is renovating the old mill. Bob and the gang convert a house into a delicatessen, but there's nothing for Roley to do. Fortunately, some birds give him an idea to make him feel useful again.

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I know how I amused, and I am not to be talked over. Even make him better off, if you like. Apart from that, hehas a real regard for Mrs Rouncewell and likes to hear her praised. What are you doing here? You don't belong to London. Your ladyship is acquainted with the name of Hawdon?

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