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While there is widespread agreement in education that effective classroom management is essential to good teaching, there is often debate about which strategies are most effective, or what is the best way to approach the management of a classroom or other learning environment. For example, some educators might argue that effective classroom management begins with student compliance and classroom orderliness, since learning cannot happen when students are not listening, when they are disobeying the teacher, or when they are disrupting other students in the class. In this case, the teacher needs to establish the behavioral and academic expectations for a class and ensure that students comply with those expectations.

Other educators, however, would argue that teachers should approach classroom management by actively involving students in the process.

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For example, some teachers create common classroom expectations and agreements in collaboration with students. This technique can avoid the disorder and squandered time that can characterize the beginning of a class period.

A Practical Approach for Primary and Secondary Teachers, 1st Edition

Do Now is a brief written activity that students are given as soon as they arrive in the classroom. This technique is intended to get students settled, focused, productive, and prepared for instruction as quickly as possible. Tight Transitions is a technique in which teachers establish transition routines that students learn and can execute quickly and repeatedly without much direction from a teacher.

This technique helps to maximize instructional time by reducing the disarray and delay that might accompany transitions between activities. Seat Signals is a technique in which students use nonverbal signals while seated to indicate that they need something, such as a new pencil, a restroom break, or help with a problem.

This technique establishes expectations for appropriate communication and helps to minimize disruptions during class.


Behavioral Approaches to Classroom Management

Props is the act of publicly recognizing and praising students who have done something good, such as answering a difficult question or helping a peer. Props is done by the entire class and is typically a short movement or spoken phrase. The technique is intended to establish a group culture in which learning accomplishments and positive actions are socially valued and rewarded. Nonverbal Intervention is when teachers establish eye contact or make gestures that let students know they are off-task, not paying attention, or misbehaving. It is filled with highly-effective instructional strategies and prevention strategies for reducing discipline problems.

Also found in this book are hundreds of tips from teachers and strategies for conferencing with students and parents.

Classroom Management Guide

This book should be required reading for all educators. There must be over common sense, doable strategies that can be implemented immediately.

This is an excellent handbook for new teachers as well as experienced teachers. I know this book will help me become a better teacher. This book can be used in the elementary and secondary classrooms.

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It provides the teacher with a step-by-step approach for teaching students problem solving, conflict resolution, character education, anger management and bullying prevention. The books are filled with hundreds of activities teachers can use to teach students essential life skills. Using the Class Meeting concept in your classroom will take you, the teacher out of the roles of police, judge, jury and executioner. It will help you, the teacher, gain back teaching time while teaching students skills that will help them be successful in life.

Management skills

It provided me with all the strategies I needed to implement Class Meetings. Of all the books I have on managing students, this is by far the best. This book provides a step-by-step process for developing a Positive Behavior Intervention Support program using the Response to Intervention Model. The book includes hundreds of practical strategies that can be used in the school and classroom for working successfully with difficult, non-compliant, and at-risk students at all three tiers.

Everything is here that is needed to develop a successful PBIS program. This is an excellent book for new teachers as well as experienced teachers. It provides hundreds of strategies for organizing and managing the classroom. The book covers strategies from what to do prior to the school year, at the beginning of the school year, and throughout the year. Included are instructional and management strategies for preventing behavior problems, respectful intervention strategies to redirect inappropriate behavior without escalating the problem, Strategies for working successfully with special need students and resolution strategies for bringing about change in student behavior.

I believe this is a book that all new teachers should read. School District Sewell, New Jersey. The booklet is filled with practical prevention strategies, intervention strategies and resolution strategies. It can help you develop your management plan.

#5 Classroom Management - Challenging Students & Composure - A Classroom Diva

Just one strategy after another. A great resource booklet for everyone who works with children.

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  7. Bus drivers and bus monitors can benefit greatly from this booklet. It will help them to positively interact and manage students. The strategies in the booklet, can help them stay out of power struggles and prevent referring students to the office. The content is something that the drivers can relate to and is realistic. For years, we educators have tried to gain consistency in our discipline plans by having the same punishment for the same rules.