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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is an action-adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the first game .
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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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We also oversaw the development of alternative media campaigns for reaching larger audiences. The series has been universally acclaimed and commercially successful, having shipped more than 41 million units, making it the one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. The main series has been widely credited by critics and video game publications for raising the standards of single-player video games, praising it for high production values, quality in storytelling, character design and animation, voice acting, realistic graphics, technical innovation, musical score, gameplay mechanics, and delivering an enjoyable cinematic gaming experience to players.

The series has often been likened to Hollywood-produced action adventure films. The critical and commercial success of the Uncharted games have been pivotal to the success of PlayStation during the seventh and eighth generation of video game consoles , and has helped elevate Naughty Dog's reputation to a highly respected video game developer in the industry.

The Uncharted series is set in a shared real universe, and features a non-linear storyline. Each universe is considered shared with only antagonists, places, and background characters separate between them. Drake's Fortune , the first game in the series, was released for PlayStation 3 in November Among Thieves was published in , and the creative team were afforded a greater license to utilize a greater deal of the system's random-access memory RAM , due to an improved propriety engine. It subsequently introduced more locales, higher free roam and combat abilities, and a larger map.

Drake's Deception , released in , built upon this aspect, while it also added an improved online multiplayer mode.

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The following main instalment, A Thief's End , was published on PlayStation 4 , and focused on realism and detail. The last in the series to feature the main protagonist, it added driving elements, as well as improving on other gameplay aspects, such as stealth and role-playing, and comprehensive upgrades to multiplayer.

It was released to massive financial success, breaking multiple records. Golden Abyss was published in , and is the first in the series to be released on PlayStation Vita , marking the series' first on a handheld console. It is considered a prequel to the main series, although, some developers have stated that it acts as a separate, original story. It was developed by One Loop Games, [6] [7] and contained interactive elements suitable for the Vita. The Nathan Drake Collection is a remastered collection of the series' first three installments, and was ported to PlayStation 4 by Bluepoint Games in October It was released to compensate for the delay in production for A Thief's End , which was originally slated for release in summer The game also included a voucher for the beta for the multiplayer for A Thief's End.

The Lost Legacy was released as a standalone expansion to A Thief's End , and marks the first entry in the series not to feature Drake. Each game in the main series allows the player to take control of Nathan Drake. The player is given various platforming tasks which must be completed to progress through the storyline, such as jumping, swimming, grabbing and moving along ledges, and climbing and swinging from ropes.

In later titles, driving, boat riding, and other acrobatic actions were added or developed. The Uncharted series belongs to the action-adventure genre, however, grants a reasonable amount of freedom through the design of the maps. Later games contain elements of open world design, in order to encourage free-roaming to secure scattered treasure as part of side quests or stealth to avoid enemies. In A Thief's End , role-playing was expanded to include side discussions with other characters. The Uncharted series follows the structure of traditional action games, where players complete a single track series of levels with linear gameplay, and is navigated through a third-person perspective.

Shooting is central to the game's function, as players are also required to bypass a string of foes. Although a wide variety of weapons are present in the game, the player can only carry a sidearm such as pistol , a primary weapon such as a rifle or shotgun , and a handful of grenades. These weapons are obtained by picking up weapons dropped by a downed foe, or from those scattered around the various maps.

If the player dies, they will respawn at a specific level checkpoint.

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In A Thief's End , the use of vehicles in an explorable environment was developed. It provides the player with unheralded freedom to take vehicles wherever they please, albeit, must be driven to a certain location to progress the story. In Among Thieves , multiplayer was introduced. It features both competitive and co-operative gameplay. The co-op multiplayer mode allows up to three players to take the roles of Drake and two other "hero" companions and features missions involving gunfights, platforming, and teamwork-based objectives. Six competitive modes are featured, including single or team-based deathmatches , and team-based objectives.

Furthermore, multiplayer allows players to accrue points and rank up, which can be used to purchase more skins for both heroes and villains. Drake's Trail is a now-defunct online game. The game was a browser-based game with alternative reality elements. Consisting of ten chapters, the story, serving as a prequel to Drake's Fortune , recounts journalist Elena Fisher hiring a private detective to track down famous treasure hunter Nathan Drake believing he is onto something big.

The game was played using a Google Maps plugin to locate game areas within the real world, in conjunction with a Flash Player to explore those fictional locations such as Drake's apartment for clues to the next location. Uncharted: The Board Game is a board game published by Bandai in It was designed by Hayato Kisaragi and allows between two and four players to compete for treasure and fight enemies.

The second part was released on November 25, , while the third and fourth parts released simultaneously on December 7, A motion comic adaptation of the prologue of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune , starting with the discovery of Francis Drake's coffin and up to the first encounter with Gabriel Roman.

Uses the same voice clips from the video game. Written by Joshua Williamson, with art by Sergio Sandoval and covers by Adam Hughes , it was released on November 30, , as part of a 6 issue mini series. It features bios of the game's cast and crew at Naughty Dog, as well as QR codes for exclusive video clips of the game. A novel released in October The novel is written by Christopher Golden and published by Del Rey Books , and follows the search for Daedalus 's Labyrinth , a maze used to hold the Minotaur , a monster from Greek mythology.

In , film producer Avi Arad stated that he was working with a division of Sony to develop the film adaptation of Uncharted.

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Russell had been set to write and direct the film, an action-adventure based upon the first game in the series. Russell 's film, The Fighter , he was approached by a fan of the Uncharted series who asked whether he had considered Nathan Fillion for the role of Nathan Drake for the upcoming film due to the high number of requests for him to fulfill the role. Russell was unaware of the interest in Fillion and who he was and seemed to quickly dismiss the idea. On November 24, , an interview with Mark Wahlberg was published by MTV with the actor discussing his involvement in the film adaptation of the popular franchise.

He stated that David O. Russell was currently writing the script and was excited for what he had in store, hoping to shoot in the middle of "I'm obviously in whatever David wants to do but the idea of it is so off the charts: De Niro being my father, Pesci being my uncle. It's not going to be the watered-down version, that's for sure.

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  8. On May 26, , it was reported that David O. Russell had dropped out from directing the video game film, with a new screenwriter being sought by Columbia Pictures. Burger landed the offer after the studio and producers Avi Arad, Charles Roven and Alex Gartner sparked to his new take on the film. Burger spoke out about the film in July, saying the following: [34]. We're re-writing the script from scratch, and I'm just jumping into that literally right now, about to close the deal and leap off. Until the screenplay is written you never know who's going to be acting in it or not.

    But there are a lot of good actors out there who even look like Nathan Drake and who could do it. I love the project, I think it's a great adventure and it's a wild insane ride I mean it has pretty great character at its core, Nathan is a bit of a con man, a hustler And then you know you have to do what a movie does best, as well Yeah there will be balance in this one, this one is a very great adventure, and it's just a matter of pulling out the the [ sic ] very cool intense stuff that works for the film story, and making sure the story supports those elements and also makes us really connected to the character.

    On August 23, , Burger dropped out to work on another film and the studio hired the husband and wife team of Marianne and Cormac Wibberley to rewrite the film. Gameplay in Uncharted is a combination of action-adventure gameplay elements and some 3D platforming with a third-person perspective. Platforming elements allow Nate to jump, swim, grab and move along ledges, climb and swing from ropes, and perform other acrobatic actions that allow players to make their way along the ruins in the various areas of the island that Drake explores.

    When facing enemies, the player can either use melee and combo attacks at close range to take out foes or can opt to use weapons. Picking up a different firearm switches that weapon for the new one. Grenades are also available at certain points, and the height of the aiming arc is adjusted by tilting the Sixaxis controller up or down. These third-person perspective elements were compared by several reviewers to Gears of War , [1] [16] in that the player can have Drake take cover behind walls, and use either blind fire or aimed fire to kill enemies.

    In common with the aforementioned game, Uncharted lacks an actual on-screen health bar; instead, when the player takes damage, the graphics begin to lose color. While resting or taking cover for a brief period, Drake's health level, indicated by the screen color, returns to normal. The game also includes vehicle sections, where Drake must protect the jeep he and Elena are in using a mounted turret, and where Drake and Elena ride a jet ski along water-filled routes while avoiding enemy fire and explosive barrels. While players direct Drake in driving the jet ski, they may also switch to Elena by aiming the gun in order to use her weapon — either the grenade launcher or the Beretta , depending on the chapter — in defense, or to clear the barrels from their path.

    The game also features reward points, which can be gained by collecting 60 hidden treasures in the game that glimmer momentarily [3] or by completing certain accomplishments, such as achieving a number of kills using a specific weapon, performing a number of headshots, or using specific methods of killing enemies.

    UNCHARTED - Live Action Fan Film (2018) Nathan Fillion

    The game is censored when playing on a Japanese console to remove blood, which normally appears when shooting enemies; this follows the trend of other censored console games in the region, such as Dead Rising and Resistance: Fall of Man. After completing Jak 3 , Naughty Dog assembled their most technically talented staff members and began development of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune under the codename Big.

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    The game was first unveiled at E3 Feeling too many games used bleak, dark settings with monochromatic color schemes, they wanted the island to be a vibrant, believable game world that immersed the player and encouraged exploration. In designing the characters, the artists aimed for a style that was photorealistic. Supporting characters Elena Fisher and Victor Sullivan were included to avoid a dry and emotionless story. The game went gold in the middle of October Uncharted uses the Cell microprocessor to generate dozens of layered character animations to portray realistic expressions and fluid movements, which allow for responsive player control.

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    While Blu-ray afforded greater storage space, the team became concerned with running out of room several times— Uncharted used more and bigger textures than previous games, and included several languages on the disc. Uncharted was also on display at the show with demonstrations that implemented limited support for vibration. Being Naughty Dog's first PlayStation 3 game, the project required the company to familiarize themselves with the new hardware, and resulted in several development mistakes.

    In rewriting their game code , they decided to create new programming tools as well. This switch, however, delayed the team's progress in developing a prototype , as the new tools proved to be unreliable and too difficult to use. Ten months into full production, the team decided to recreate the game's pipeline , the chain of processing elements designed to progress data through a system. The game was patched on August 4, in Europe and North America to version 1. This was enforced because the developers wanted to avoid the sharing of save data in order to gain trophies they did not earn.

    This space is "Sully's Bar" from the game. In this space users can play an arcade mini-game called "Mercenary Madness", which during the Closed Beta, there were rewards. The rewards were removed with the release of the Home Open Beta. There are also three other rooms in this space, in which during the Closed Beta, users had to find out codes to the doors that accessed these rooms. The code entry to the rooms was also removed with the release of the Home Open Beta.

    There is an artifact viewer in the Archives and Smuggler's Den rooms. Also in the Archives there is a video screen that previews Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The Artifact Room only features seating and different artifacts for users to look at. Naughty Dog has also released a game space for Uncharted's sequel on October 23, making Uncharted the first game series to have a game space for both games in its series. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune received generally favorable reviews from game critics. The overall presentation of the game received unanimous praise from critics, who recognized the game's high production values, describing them as "top-notch", [52] "incredible" [18] or comparing them to those found in Hollywood.

    The technical achievements in creating this presentation were also lauded. The graphics and visuals were a big part of this, including appreciation of the "lush" jungle environments, [1] [16] [18] with lighting effects greatly adding to them. Criticism of the game included some graphical issues, such as texture pop-in and screen tearing.

    Uncharted received several accolades from web review sites such as IGN, who named it their PlayStation 3 game of the year. The game went on to sell 1 million copies after its first ten weeks of retail, [56] and later became one of the first batch of titles to be released as part of Europe's budget Platinum range of best-selling titles.

    Shortly after the release of the game, Naughty Dog's co-president, Evan Wells, stated that Uncharted had been developed as a franchise, and so a sequel was likely. The fourth installment of the series, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End , which is set to be the last main installment in the series, was announced on and after two delays, one in late and the other in March , was released on May 10, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bob Rafei Bruce Straley.

    PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4. November 20, Main article: Uncharted. Game Informer.

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